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Platform Release 18.9.17


Platform Release 18.9.17

AU - STP : Single Touch Payroll

We have been taking our customers to a live implementation on a one by one basis. The main issues we have found are incorrect TFN or telephone numbers. We are working with customers to have them fix their data. Once this is complete you will able to make STP part of your process.

As part of this process we have pushed updates to provide more effective checking of TFN's, telephone numbers and email addresses

NZ - Leave Updates

We have quashed a few back end bugs with regard to how, in some circumstances, leave was being handled. PinvoiceR was designed around GL Account Codes and in some cases clients have been using the same GL Code for different types of transactions. This makes it difficult to identify the transaction type from the GL Account Code.

The changes we have implemented will add markers (called PIN Codes internally) so that the system does not have to rely on the GL Account Code.

AU + NZ: Doubling Up Transactions & Orders

We had one client experiencing the doubling up of transactions. It was really disappointing that over 3 weeks of testing we could not replicate the issue.

What we have done is made some behind the scenes changes to double check how hours arrive and become transactions and put a block on duplicates. We are looking forward to discovering where the problem lies and/or seeing if this remedies the situation.

Important Feedback

Payroll ultimately leads to money changing hands and should be approached with the utmost caution and thoroughness.

You must check your system and review every transaction to make sure that there are no double ups, errors or questionable rows before you process the batch.

We will always do our best make sure that we can provide you with the support you need; however; when you process the batch and download and send the bank file it is out of our hands.